A Dogfight is imminent

We are super excited to announce and welcome Dan Butcher, creator of online webcomic Vanguard to The Spark family. Dan will be bringing his style of crazy & ruthless storytelling alongside his incredible digital art to a new series entitled Ion Eagle.

Ion Eagle will first hit the pages of The Spark in Issue 3 due out in April 2020.

It is a new series set in the middle of the Millenium of 3000 during the 600-year war and follows the dogfighting war stories in the space trenches trying to not lose space to one another.

What is the 600-year war I hear you say? Not to worry we will be explaining that and more of the Universe history in an upcoming post, so keep your eyes peeled or join our mailing list here to get notified about news from us here at Fair Spark Books.

Dan has event sent over some of the concept work he has been working on so you can get a feel of how exciting this comic series is going to be and look at that incredible timelapse video.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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