A new food truck duo is on the way.

January marks the release of Issue 2 so mark your calender's, and with that creator Rob Barnes is bringing a whole new series to the franchise, meet Crash Orbit.

What if Flash Gordon flew a food truck?

Space Princesses! Strange planets! Bizarre monsters! Health and safety inspectors!

Crash and Nord travel the galaxy, selling food either on a planet or to ships in space. 

Crash just wants to be the hero and every situation is a chance for him to act heroically. He is sometimes too outgoing.

He travels with Nord, the insectoid cook on the food truck. Nord has left the hive and is trying to be his own entity, separated from the hive mind. Nord also has all the phobias ever known.

There will be a growing cast of fellow food truck operators in their struggle to make a living with the shadow of the corporate restaurant chain "Empire Eatery”, who wants to be the only food choice in the galaxy.

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