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Back in September of 2019, we launch a Kickstarter to get the first issue of The Spark funded. A month later it was successfully funded, raising £1,317 and since that time we have released a second issue and have already begun work on Issue 3.

As we grow the magazine we are ready to bring you on the journey of our next step. Subscriptions. Instead of doing another Kickstarter fundraiser we are giving you the opportunity to once again show your support for the magazine and help us grown and reach more children across the country by picking one of our subscription levels here.

Each subscription level has a range of benefits that can only be obtained by subscribing and as an additional thank you. Every subscriber will now also get instant access to every past issue in a digital format that can be read online.

So join the adventure today and never miss an issue. Click here to subscribe today from only £14.99

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