Issue 1 features work by Nick Brokenshire who took a break from his work on the Star Wars Adventures series for IDW Comics has done a cracking cover that will blow your socks off!


The interiors is a mixture of ongoing five-page strips and one-offs. We’ll explore strange worlds with ‘Shadows’ written by Aaron Rackley (Little Heroes Anthology) with pitch-perfect art by Dan Harris (The Cosplayer that DOOMED the Earth).


There’ll be an extra helping of those barbarian fools ‘Gallant and Amos’. A Warrior and his Dragon pal who would have trouble running a bath are back! Rob Barnes supplies all the hi-jinks you’ll need with these two bumbling idiots who I guarantee you’ll fall in love with!


There’s exciting space adventure with ‘John Baton – The Final Stand’ where you’ll see in this order, a chase, a battle and a rather big explosion! Written by Aaron Rackley with art by Mike Dabrowski (Little Toe)


‘Monster Spotters Club’ follows the adventures of two kids and their accident prone teacher as they wander crazy alien world ticking off encounters with monsters as they happen. Written by Tony Esmond (‘How to make comics with Springworth’) and art by Vince Hunt (’The Red mask From Mars’).

And much much fun with quizzes and facts.

Issue 1